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Notea is a simple writer app for iPhone and iPad. This is quite simply the best writer app you will ever use. Notea has been designed from the ground up to give users the fastest and the most satisfactory experience possible. This is the most efficient way one can write on their iPhone and iPad. Just add a new entry and start writing.

Things that make it stand out from other writer apps:
-Add folders and save note entries inside them.
-Move note entries between folders.
-The first line of your note will automatically be taken as the headline.
-Dark mode makes it easy on your eyes.
-Choose from 4 different fonts for your notes.
-Total word count at the bottom of the app interface.

Top Features:
-Easy to add note
-Fullscreen mode for comfortable viewing
-Increase or decrease font size as you preferred
-Share notes via email from the app.
-iCloud sync across all your devices.

The moment you start using the app, you will realize the small yet creative details that we have successfully put into making this app. Please share your feedback or comments about Notea so that we can develop a better app for you.



14.5 MB

Requires iOS 9.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



  • “ 4 out of 5 : Very useful ”
    This app works very well to take notes. Only thing I would add to give it 5 stars is synchronization with icloud so that I can have my notes also on my laptop.
    biglino , 06/02/2016favorite

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