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Released - 2016-09-11 | Updated - Sep 11, 2016

You must need it. :) - OnlinePro is a minimalist Application for Mac that lets users know whether the system is connected to internet or not. It puts a green dot on the Status Bar while internet is there and turns red when disconnected.

There are so many times that we face program failures due to network interruption and we begin to wonder if the internet is working or not. On situations like this, Online will tell your online status in an instant. Users will be able to diagnose the issue immediately if it caused by Internet.

App Highlights:
-Notification in Notification Center when disconnected.
-Notification in Notification Center when internet is back on.
-Light weighted, doesn’t occupy huge memory.

OnlinePro may turn out to be pretty useful app for many users who use the internet frequently.

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You must need it

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You must need it

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