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What if you could place Time & Date with a handy calendar on Status Bar? CalendarPop does just that.

CalendarPop is a simple app that puts Time and Date your Status Bar, just like the Mac’s default Time and Date, but with a little catch. It gives you access to a handy calendar below the time view. You can open the calendar by clicking on the date and time.

It comes very helpful at times when you need to look at a calendar quickly to fix an appointment and you have it in your reach on Status Bar. You can customize the view with different time and date attributes.

WHY WE MADE THIS APP: At times all we need is a basic calendar, and that too very quickly, so that we can give someone a date or fix an appointment. We have seen many users going to a Calendar App just for this purpose. So, we made this app to give users a quick solution to that.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions via email and make any improvements in future version updates. We would like to create an active development cycle backed with your support and love.



7.2 MB

macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor



  • “ 4 out of 5 : Clean look and simple to use ”
    I like this little calendar app and it works very well, I would have given it 5 stars if it integrated with the actual Calendar App and showed me my events. It is only a clock and calendar but it is extremely useful to quickly look at dates. It partially fulfills a function that Apple should have already added to their Calendar app a long time ago.
    Lolly79 , 02/28/2017favorite
  • “ 5 out of 5 : Fantastic time/calendar app ”
    This app fills a gap in Mac OS — being able to take a quick look at the time, date, and calendar. This app reminds me of the way the time/calendar behaves in my favorite Linux UIs and is exactly what I wanted. Also worthy of note: the developer of this app genuinely cares about the way his customers use it—after introducing the Events feature, which took up much more of the screen when glancing at the Calendar, he was kind enough to add a Settings option to restore the Classic Calendar Appearance in the very next version. Now that’s what I call support!
    DCBrotherton , 02/25/2019favorite
  • “ 4 out of 5 : Worked, but wish there were instructions ”
    This works, but installation came with no guide or tutorial to tell you what was going on.
    Brookehope , 09/30/2020favorite

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