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ChequeLog is going to be your friendly personal tool to log your spendings made through cheques. This is basically a digital cheque book manual to keep records of all your cheque payments that you pay every month. You can add Banks and cheque book with essential account details and register payment inside the app. Next time when you pay a cheque, just register it into the app and keep record of your spending. Get a thorough analysis of all the cheque payments in Transaction window by sorting transaction list with Date, Payee and Category.

ChequeLog allows you to save more than one cheque books under a single bank. Mark a cheque book with “Active” sign. You can track how many pages are left in a particular cheque book, so that you can apply for a new one in advance.

App highlights:
-Easy to use Cheque Book register.
- Add Bank details
- Add cheque details
- Create a list of payment category and Payee and tag them while registering a cheque transaction.
- Sort cheques by Payee, Category and Month.
- Set status of your Cheque which are either cleared, cancelled or bounced.
- Get an over-all idea of your total expense done through cheques.
- Auto generated pie charts to see category wise spending.
- Sync your data via iCloud.
- Restore your data from auto generated backups from App preference.
- Log in with Password into the app and secure your data.

ChequeLog is made to be the best in the business. It has been designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-use tool for everyone who is looking for a digital cheque register. So, download ChequeLog today and keep records of your cheque payments for ever.



10.1 MB

OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor



  • “ 5 out of 5 : Great functionality ”
    Looks like the latest update has fixed the problem with void cheques. Cheque Log is just the app I needed and I loved it. Its pretty simple to setup. The only thing that is missing that it does not shows the balance of the checking account. Once that is added, it would be a brilliant app.
    karmen.12 , 07/27/2017favorite
  • “ 5 out of 5 : Basic program that works great ”
    SImple program, and Very easy to use.Does everything that I need.I have it in my iMac (having the latest OS).I wanted to have a clean program to keep track of every cheque that I spend.This app falls right into my purpose!The only thing I wish is - having the ability to add my budget for every month.
    johnson _145 , 05/26/2017favorite
  • “ 5 out of 5 : Awesome program for the cost ”
    ChequeLog is perfect for what I needed it to do. Writing on check ledger book was really a tedious job, but not anymore. Just a few minutes to set it up and you are good to go. Great to buy this app.
    jason.mill , 05/11/2017favorite

App : ChequeLog