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Internet Notification


Online is a minimalist App for Mac that lets users know whether the system is connected to the internet or not. It puts a green dot on the Status Bar while the internet is there and turns red when disconnected.

There are so many times that we face program failures due to network interruption and we begin to wonder if the internet is working or not. In​ situations like this, Online will tell your online status in an instant. Users will be able to diagnose the issue immediately if it caused by the Internet.

App Highlights:
-Notification in Notification Center when disconnected.
-Notification in Notification Center when the internet is back on.
-Light weighted, doesn’t occupy huge memory.

Online may turn out to be a pretty useful app for many users who use the internet frequently.



9.7 MB

OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor



  • “ 5 out of 5 : A real time saver! ”
    Have you ever "sent" an email and discovered some time later that you were offline and the email is still in your outbox? Have you ever typed a URL into your browser and sat there waiting for it to pop onto your monitor, and your browser reports that the site is unreachable, so you carefully re-type the URL and it still comes back unreachable, and then you go to a site that you know should be online, and you discover that it too is "unreachable"? This little app will let you know whether you're on or offline without having to check the lights on your modem. And... it's free!
    kenoodle , 03/06/2019favorite
  • “ 5 out of 5 : update seems unstable !? ”
    update done August 23rd on MacBook Pro can’t make up its mind whether to be green or yellow. Constant switching back and forth is distracting. Had to quit the app.Internet connection seemed to be constant and working all the time. Maybe my connection is momentarily off and on, but the browser seems to not mind.So perhaps “on line” has become too sensitive to micro interruptions? Anyway, It is now UNusable.
    GPMather , 08/23/2018favorite
  • “ 5 out of 5 : simple and exactly what I needed ”
    Thank you mr/ms Dev :)
    Ronan Onearth , 12/24/2018favorite

App : Online