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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How to add a task?

    Please open the app and click on the Plus button at the top right corner of the app. It will open a pop up window from where you can type your task. To save the task, please click on Add Task button. You can also press ⌘+B to open the same pop up window.

    Note: By default it will take the current date and present time as the task date and time. Nonetheless, you can change the task task date and time very easily which is discussed in the next question.

  • How to change task date and time?

    You can also change task date and time at the right side of the pop up window. A calendar with an analog clock will show up if you click on the date and time. You can use the calendar to change date and click-hold-move the house/minute hands of the clock to change time.

  • How to add a Project?

    Please open the app and click on the bottom left corner of the app interface where “New Project” is labeled. Please type your project name when the cursor starts blinking. After you are done with the project name, please press Return from your keyboard to save the new project. It will show up on the left bar with “0” number of task. Now you can select the newly added project and create task inside it. Please repeat the same procedure to add task as discussed earlier.

  • How to start and stop timer for a task?

    After you create a task, it will show up in either of the these three segments: Today, Upcoming and Anytime. It depends on how you select the date and time for your task.

    Please click on the red circle adjacent (left) to the task name to start timer for that task. When you finish the task, please come back to the app and again click on the same circle to mark the task as complete.

  • How to add a task without assigning it to any date or time?

    You can add tasks that you want to accomplish in future and store in one place. When its time to do the task, you can edit the task and assign it to a date and time. All these tasks that are not assigned to any date or time will be stored in the Anytime Segment. While adding a task, please click on the Date and time and click on “No Date” from the calendar pop up view. Then click on Add Task. Thats it.

  • How to momentarily stop Break App from prompting automatically?

    When your work shift starts, Break app will keep prompting you from the Status Menu bar about what task you are currently doing. If you are currently doing a task for some time, it will prompt you if you have finished doing it and care to start another task. You can customize the time interval for prompting in the app preference.

    To make it stop prompting you, you can simply click on the small airplane button at the top right corner of the app (adjacent to add task button) to enable Airplane Mode. You can again click on the same button to disable Airplane Mode and Break app will again start prompting you from the Status Menu bar.

  • How to Postpone, Reschedule and Duplicate task to another date?

    Please select a task and do a right click on it. You will find all the necessary options to Postpone, Reschedule and Duplicate task.

    Note: Note: You cannot Postpone, Reschedule and Duplicate an ongoing task.

  • How to schedule breaks from break templates?

    Please click on Break segment from the left bar. It will open a comprehensive list of all type of breaks that come pre-loaded with the app. Please choose your break type and toggle the switch button at the right side.

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